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Vision ::..

  To witness our community be flourished with wealth, health and human values.  

Mission ::..

  Make aware each human being of his/her responsibilities and duties towards the society.  

Political Scope (Order arranged as per the importance of the event) ::..


Member of Parliament


Entered to Parliament in debut appearance successfully contesting in April 08, 2010 General Elections from United National Party – Matara District. Recorded Highest Preferential Votes 62,499 in Matara District. Second Highest Preferential Vote percentage out of the 60 Members elected from the United National Party.

Member of Parliament Consultative Committee


Member of 14  prime Consultative Committees  inclusive of important ministries of Economic Development, Ports & Aviation, Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, State Defense and so on.

Leader of Opposition – Southern Provincial Council (SPC)


Entered the SPC contesting Provincial Council Elections held on October 10, 2009. Recorded Highest Preferential Votes 57,802 in Matara District. Highest Preferential Vote percentage in the SPC from both parties. Youngest Leader of Opposition of any a Provincial Council in Sri Lanka.

Member of the Executive of the United National Party, the supreme body of decision making in the party, since November 2009.

Bagged the prestigious “TOYP 2006 award” as the “Most Outstanding Young Politician in Sri Lanka” for the year 2006.

Became Chief Organizer of  Student League of “Eksath Samavadee Student Movement” of United National Party for Matara Electoral Division in 1991 and hold this position till 1995.

Member of National Executive Committee of United National Party from 1992 to 1995 and 2004 to date.

Due to the appointment as the News Coordinator of TNL had to be away from politics from 22nd August 1995.

Elected as a Provincial Councilor (UNP) to Southern Provincial Council in 2004 at the debut appearance in politics.


Recording the highest percentage of preferential votes from the Southern Province and entire Island.

Polling the highest number of preferential votes in Matara District.


The Media Secretary for United National Party (Southern Province). (2004 to 2009)

Chief Organizer (UNP) for Akuressa Electorate. (2005 to date)


Committee member of following forums which incorporates highest hierarchy of   the United National Party which positions were offered within one year of election as a Provincial Councilor (2004-2009).


Planning, Research and Educational Committee of United National Party

Youth Sub Committee of United National Party

Media Committee of United National Party

University  Sub Committee of United National Party

President of National Health Services Employees’ Society Matara District affiliated to United National Party

Coordinator of Student/Academic/Non-academic Staff of University of Ruhuna.

First and only youth leader from Matara District to address the 50th Anniversary of the United National Party Annual Convention -2004

One of the 20 speakers and 12 debators selected to address public rallies and participate in Television debates for the 2005 Presidential Election Campaign for Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe, UNP candidate.

One of the  speakers and  debators selected to address public rallies and participate in Television debates for the 2010 Presidential Election Campaign for General Sarath Fonseka, common candidate.

Lead the Malimboda Pradeshiya Sabha for victory, only Pradeshiya Sabha in Southern Province which secured a majority for UNP at the local government election 2006.

Remain steadfastly with the UNP upholding party policies, without falling pray on other parties in the backdrop of worst political summersaults in the UNP in 2007, with crossing over of 20 parliamentarians to join as Ministers of the ruling party.


International Achievements ::..


Elected for the Executive Committee of Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA) at the AGM held in Jakarta -  Indonesia on 26 November 2007.

Elected for the Supreme Executive Committee of YLDA poling highest number of votes from entire Asian Region. Also elected as the Chief Executive Officer of the YLDA-South Asian sub continent. The elections was held in Siem Reap, Cambodia on 04 November 2008.


Foreign Missions on Trainings and workshops ::..


Scholarship was offered by International Academy for Leadership to Germany in 2000 on a workshop on


Liberal Politics

Free Market Economy and Modern Economics.


Liberal Youth South Asia (LYSA) “Special Executive and Planning meeting” held in New Delhi, India on 6 May  10  May 2006.

Study tour of Sri Lankan officials on “Local Government Administration and   Management” in  Philippine on 21 May 2006 – 27  May 2006.

Study tour on “Local Government Administration and Management in Malaysia” held on 28 May 31 May 2006.

Liberal Youth South Asia (LYSA) International Workshop on ‘Liberalism Youth & Democracy in South Asia’ held at Kalutara, Sri Lanka from  13 October 2006 to 16 October 2006.

Training Program in Germany on 27 August 08  September 2006 on “Strategic Planning & Strategic Thinking”  in Germany conducted by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty.

Only participant from Sri Lanka who actively made representation in International Visitor Leadership Programme of The United States Department  of State held in U.S.A. from 28 October 2006 to 11 November 2006. The theme of the Program was “Legislative Elections in USA” and visited Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New York city, Minnesota and Arizona.

Participated in Young Liberals & Democrats of Asia (YLDA) on Workshop for Fundraising “The Art of Asking” held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 17 January -20 January 2007.

Liberal Youth South Asia (LYSA) International Workshop on ‘Basic Concepts of Liberalism : Comprehension & Reaching out’ held at Induruwa, Sri Lanka  from  06 September 2007 to 10 September 2007.

Participated in YLDA Workshop on “Engaging Citizens for Responsible and Effective Governance”’ organized by the Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA) held in Jakarta - Indonesia from 22 November 2007-27 November 2007.

Member of the Study Tour Contingent for Provincial Councilors to Vietnam on “Rural Industries” from 23 February – 01 March 2008.

Member of the Study Tour Contingent for Provincial Councilors to Singapore on “Town Planning” from 02 March - 04 March 2008.

Participated in Moderation Training – “Practical Communication and Making Events Work – A Practical Introduction” conducted by Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA) held in Bangkok, Thailand from 28 May 2008-01 June 2008.

Attending and participating in the Training Program on “Peace and Human Rights” conducted by YLDA held in Siem Reap, Cambodia from 29 October 2008 – 02 November 2008.

Participation in Workshop on ‘Strategic Planning’ hosted by Malaysian People’s Movement Party Youth Wing (PGRM) in cooperation with the Friedich Nauman STIFTUNG held in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia from 29 April 2009 – 03 May 2009.

Participation in Workshop on ‘Globalisation’ hosted by Youth Initiative,  jointly hosted by Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA) & Liberal Youth South Asia (LYSA) with the support of Friedich Nauman STIFTUNG held in Kathmandu,Nepal from 04 November 2009 – 09 November 2009.


Media Scope ::..


Joined the Teleshan Network Ltd (TNL) Television Channel as Assistant News Coordinator, News Coordinator and Deputy News Editor. (1995 August-1997 April)

Worked as a Moderator and as a Presenter of "Janahanda" political & current affairs program in the TNL TV (1996 September- 1998 April)

Executive Program Producer and also a Producer of Sirasa TV. (1998- 2004)

Was the Moderator, Presenter and the producer of the most popular Political & current affairs program "Sameepa Dasuna" telecast weekly By SIRASA TV owned by Maharaja Television Pvt. Ltd (MTV Channel Pvt. Ltd). (1998 June - 2004 April)

Was the Moderator, Presenter and the producer of the sinhala political & current affairs programs “Visammuthiya" "Janatha prashna",     "Saba Visadum", telecast weekly by Sirasa TV. (1999 October- 2004 April)

Member of Working Journalists Association. (1996 to 2004)

Media Coordinator of Institute of Democracy and Leadership under Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty (2005 - 2010).


University life ::..

Pre Intern Medical Doctor attached to Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. (1997-2002)

Conferred the title “University Alumni” (Sarasavi Pragnankurayek) at the festival “Mage Deshaya Avadi Karanu Mena” organized by of Peradeniya  University Student Literary Association  and  Anter Vishwa Vidyala Shishya Bala Mandalaya (Inter University Student Association) appraising the contributions as an electronic media presenter. (1998)



School Life ::..

Old Boy of Rahula College – Matara. (1980-1993)

Caption of the Rahula College Senior Debating Team. (1991-1992)

Troop Secretary of 3 rd Matara Rahula College  Boys’ Scout Troop. (1990 - 1993)

Received the President’s Scout Medal at the age of 17, the highest accolade meant for any scout in Sri Lanka. (1991)

School senior Prefect. (1991- 1993)

“The Assistant Secretary of the Inter school prefects” Organization in Matara District. (1990-1991)

Introduced the junior Red Cross Society to Rahula College Matara and was the First School Secretary for the Rahula College Junior Red Cross Society (1990-1991)

Secretary of the Sinhala Literary Association and school Science Association. (1990-1993)

Bagged many victories and am Silver, Gold medals and Trophies in District Provincial and National level oratorical contests representing the school and Sunday School .(1989- 1993)

Member of the Ashoka House Hokey Team.(1985-1987)

Member of the Rahula College Ashoka House Basket ball Team. (1987-1988)



Extramural Activities ::..

Country Chairman for Liberal Youth Guild (LYG) in Sri Lanka (2006 – 2008)

In charge of the Liberal Youth Guilds (LYGs) in the Southern Province under Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty. (2005 - 2010).

Trainer of Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI) and Democratic Youth Leadership Program   (DYLP) under Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.  (2005 -  2006)

Participated in Training the Trainer (TOT) and Civic Education workshops conducted by Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI) and Democratic Youth Leadership Program   (DYLP) under Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.  (2005 -  2006)

Instrumental in formation of Muthuhara Children's Society of Matara Town Branch affiliated to Muthuhara Children Society Project – Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation; was the founder chairman at the age of 13. (1987-1990)

The chairman of consulting board of “Matara Muthuhara Children's Society”    (1990- to date).

Was the youngest Sunday School Principal of Sri Lanka at the age of 17 of the Matara Maha Manthinda Pirirven InstituteBedigama Sri Rathanapala Sunday School.  (1991-1998)

The Director of Matara District Sunday School Teacher Development Institute. (1993-2003)

Launched training programs for Sunday school teachers in Southern Province. (1993- to date)

Conducted training programs for Sunday school prefects in Matara District.  (1995-to date)

Engaged in projects for Sunday school teachers and students on drug control. (1994- to date)

Pioneered to establish the Junior Red Cross Project in Matara District and became the First District Secretary at the age of 16. (1990-1991)

First District Secretary of Youth Red Cross Society in Matara District, which was redesigned from Junior Red Cross (1991-1992)

Act as the Assistant Head Quarters Commissioner of National Scouts Head Quarters of Sri Lanka. (2001-2004)

National Organizer of National Value Education Foundation. (2000 - to date)

Commenced the “Shishya Prabodhaya" project to help students who are in poor economic conditions in Matara District.(1996 – todate)

Offered scholarships by myself to the poor students who are eligible to enter the Medical Faculty from my Alma Matar - Rahula College, Matara. (1998- to date)

The Sunday school secretary of Matara District- Matara Divisional Secretariat Sasanaraksaka Balamandalaya. (1996- 2000)

‘The Thanks Badge’ certificate in appreciation of services to scouting (2004-2007) from President of Sri Lanka and Chief Scout.



Training Obtained ::..

Followed a course on Child Psychology, Philosophy of Education, Management and  Leadership Training related to Sunday schools.(1990-1993).

Followed Radio Electronic course in Capital Radio Institute. (1989) and Kumarasinghe  Radio & Electronic Institute (1990).

Successfully followed a course on Christianity and obtained a certificate  (1987-1988)

Participated in Training Program on HIV ‘REACH 2008’ conducted by Save Lanka Kids and Community Concern Society from 19-21 October 2008 at Colombo, Sri Lanka.



Family Background ::..

Born on 17th March 1974 at Matara General Hospital. Ancestral habitats are associated with agricultural villages hamlets of Thihagoda, Malimboda and Kamburupitiya Divisional Secretarial Divisions  of Matara District.

Father, Mr. M.S.D. Pathirana was educated in Sinhala medium graduated and was a teacher, senior lecturer of National Institute of Education and Teacher Training Colleges of Sri Lanka, Later a deputy a Director of Education Department., since retired in service.

Mother, Mrs. J.K. Gunawardana, a proud descendant from Kotalawala/Attygala dynasty,  is a retired Teacher/Teaching Instructor.

Only sister is the Assistant Librarian attached to the University of Ruhuna – Sri Lanka. Brother in Law is a Tax Officer attached to Department of Inland Revenue.

No whatever political or affluent background is affiliated which is very essential for modern day politics in Sri Lanka.


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